For over 25 years SoftSteel has been our workhorse... Simon Schusterman, Steel Systems Engineering

SoftSteel - I've been watching this program develop for more than 15 years, You couldn't pay me enough to use any other steel detailing program. Clean, fast, accurate and simple... Dennis K. James.

You guys have the best support team ever.  Other industries could learn a lesson from you guys. You guys have been more than helpful and it's made my life a lot easier... Jon Kruger, Edwards Steel.

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Soft Steel Inc. was created to develop tools and technology for the Steel and Detailing Industry that are intuitive, easy to use, and powerful. All of our programs are created with detailers in mind.

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SoftSteel - Detailing Software, the three dimensional Structural Steel Detailing Package for any type of structural steel project. Best Shop drawings in its class..
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SoftScan - Bill of Material Scanner designed to read from various CAD systems that generates reports for fabrication and produces various output formats for production management.  SoftScan Video

SoftBurn - CNC Plate Burner Software that Scans virtually any Connection Material sheet or P sheet of plates detailed for fabrication and it will create a DSTV file for the CNC plate burner.   SoftBurn Video


All these products are a fine example of our commitment to the industry.

Our mission is to not only provide these tools to you, but to provide world class support when you need it most. We will be there with you, every step of the way...


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