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SoftScan is a robust, stand-alone software system that reads any DWG, DXF or 3D-Cad/SmartCad file directly, and creates a file that can be imported into:

Steel 2000
Structural Software
And Microsoft Excel

By simply selecting your drawings and clicking the scan button, the rest is automatic, and no 3rd party CAD system or software is required. SoftScan also produces a variety of reports based on the BOM including a Mill Order Report, Cutting List, Material Summary Report, Bolt Summary and Nesting Report.

The tedious task of typing Bills of Material into these software packages is now a thing of the past.


Works with any DWG, DXF, or 3d-cad/
SmartKad drawing file, from any source.
Reads drawing files directly.
Autocad or any software is NOT required.
Your detailer does his cad work as he normally would.
No special requirements or software while
creating the drawings.
Can scan as many drawings as you wish
(or select) with one click of the mouse.
Save the export file to your
hard drive, floppy drive,
or email directly from SoftScan.
Automatically locates and reads the BOM
Completely User Definable fields and Bill of Material objects.
Once defined in the settings, Softscan will read it.
Fast, and simple to use. Just click SCAN!
Imperial or Metric, input and or output
BOM fields can be in any order
Sequences scanned and exported with member
Mill Mark (page-line) scanned and exported
Revision number scanned and exported
Works in any Windows platform, on any PC

Define input and output options
Define any field with any possible heading
Define, add, or delete any kind of main
member (W, TS, C, WT, etc).
Define, add, or delete any kind
of attachment (PL, BAR, L, etc).
Define, add, or delete any kind of bolt
Define, add, or delete any grade.
You can define general default grades,
and a default grade for each main member
type and attachment type,
any font and as many fonts as you want.
Define the character mappings for all
special characters in the font.
Define one of several methods of sequencing
Configuration automatically saved.

Now select your drawings, and click SCAN!

Bill Of Material
Downloading Made Simple
Then select
your drawings
and click SCAN


That is all there
is to it


Send your results
Sample Fabtrol KISS Export File

D,4,4,4F,4F,2, W,14x22,A992,6045.2,,(WCDFL)

Project Wizard guides you step by step
Sample Configuration